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Liverpool FC is one of the most successful and iconic football clubs in the world, plying their sporting prowess in the UK premiership, the most televised league globally. Brand’47 was appointed the headwear partner for Liverpool FC and were given a prominent location in the new Anfield mega store, here Liverpool fans could immerse themselves in an engaging shopping experience.

It was an important need of the client that the large expanse of wall area  in which they were positioned could also combine stock holding. AA Creative delivered a merchandising unit with an illuminated lightbox capturing the brand logo and shelves that supported the stock holding for multiple sizes of product.

Following this initial brief several projects were commissioned due to the successful installations at the mega store, these were rolled out in the heart of Liverpool city centre at Liverpool L1 shopping centre, Williams Square and Anfield KOP retail unit, included in this was a further pop-up shop at Dray Walk in London.