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AA Creative has been providing Retail Design Solutions to global clients for over 12 years. We have extensive experience and knowledge when creating immersive and engaging commercial spaces.

We pride ourselves on being a retail design agency that is not only creative but can also transform existing ideas into real-world solutions no matter where they are, from brand stores to shop-in-shop.

We can provide a full turnkey solution from creation to delivery into a store and then help the full lifecycle of your merchandising through our aftercare support…

Our Retail Design Solutions Process

RAB Meeting Room Design Concept


When first starting any project for a new Retail Design Solution we take time and care understanding and exploring your brand and audience. This provides a foundation to create something that can engage and convert in a busy retail environment.

By using thorough research, key insights and our years of experience, we arrange a discovery session to explore creative ideas and solutions to propel your brand and products. At this stage, we take into consideration key requirements, from budgets to the size of rollout to adaptability and ease of re-purposing.

We also look at how your rollout can remain consistent in varying retail locations and what use of materials are best suited along with the use of technology and lighting which can further elevate your merchandising.



AA Creatives next stage of a Retail Design Solution is to create a design that captures the outlined strategy into a visual concept. No matter the what the final display is we will take into consideration all key elements that have been outlined. It’s vital that this phase always creates  a consistent brand message and takes beautiful designs into practical touchpoints for the displayed product.

A number of options are always delivered at this stage that provide the option to refine and consider the right elements for the final Retail Design solution no matter id that’s a full store refit, shop in shop experience or a gondola end placement.

The benefit of purpose built in-house design studio means we can be quick to turn around initial vision into fully design concepts and make revisions until the desired outcome is achieved for the perfect merchandising for your brand.

New Era Leeds Retail Build

Build & Deliver

We are able to build and deliver any Retail Design Solution that you require. We have long term partnerships with trusted local and global manufacturers that we have worked closely with for many years and have helped deliver over 650,000 merchandising items.

Our headquarters in Leicester can be used to assemble and store merchandising roll-outs as we know timing and consistency of delivery is so vital in the retail environment. We also use our assemble area to create one-off value evaluation units that can be used in unique instances or for when prototypes are required for internal purposes.

As with our trusted manufacturers, we have logistics in place that help deliver your retail design solutions all over the world safely and on time. We take every measure that what you receive is in prime condition, making sure pallets are correctly loaded with plenty of protection for the merchandising within them.

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Aftersales Support

Once you have received your Retail Merchandising AA Creatives support does not end. We value long term relationships with our clients, this means that we are there to make sure you have ongoing support for your merchandising for its full lifetime

This can range from spare parts, additional units to new signage for seasonal events. Having the knowledge that your merchandising can remain in pristine condition is important for the success of your brand and your customer’s journey.

Bamboo sustainable material for retail design solutions

Sustainable Retail Design Solutions

Making retail spaces more sustainable is a key principle at AA Creative. That’s why we approach all our Retail Design Solutions with consideration for the environment from the very outset. We also factor this into the day to day running of our business with the ethos to re-purpose, re-use and re-cycle.

As society and brands become more aware of the impact on the planet, we know that we are not alone in our thoughts on a greener future for retail! We are passionate to help brands reduce emissions in production, wastage and explore new green materials.

We champion the use of sustainable materials even though can still be difficult to source, but we make sure that our packaging is re-used and when that is not possible it gets re-cycled.

Further to just looking at the materials used, we also consider the design of merchandising so that it can be used long term through a modular design. An approach that we are very proud of and one that is serving leading global brands, this type of solution not only cuts down on waste due to its adaptability but also the cost of merchandising.

We are always more than happy to talk through sustainability with existing and future clients, contact us here for to see how we can help your sustainable projects going forwards