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With a tradition that goes back over 135 years where premium selected leather is still used with traditional methods that involve finishing by hand, Barker Shoes briefed AA Creative to deliver a point of purchase (POP) unit that was designed and manufactured to the highest quality and called out premium.

These POP units were designed using top of the range and sustainable materials that reflected the traditional values of Barker Shoes craftmanship. The units retail design allowed for a product call out to showcase collections and new season products. The versatility of the unit meant it could also beĀ  used during any launch or promotional period and included a feature callout of the shoe detailing, allowing the unit to adapt to the needs of their stores.

Rolled out across all their Baker stores, this innovative visual merchandising unit was a solution that proved successful with the dual ability to showcase both the front and soles of the shoe together, letting their customer see the detailing they needed to prior to purchase. The point of purchase unit created a strong point of difference to other retailers. by showing the detailing and bringing tradition and innovation together in an engaging display.