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With a heritage going back to the 1900s DERWENT commissioned a project for a complete merchandise solution to increase consumer engagement and interact with the artist and design community. The current merchandising was over 25 years old and required a complete brand refresh. Derwent wanted a complete 360 solution for in store to increase their footprint, support their new brand identity and give their retail customers the ability to be adapt the merchandiser to fit with their existing look and feel..

Derwent being a British brand; AA Creative was able to support their ethos of producing everything in the UK and assembling the units in AA Creative factory before shipping the units worldwide.

The ever-changing landscape  of retail and the key requirements of the brief a modular unit was delivered to the client that met all of its key needs and requirements, Derwent could supplying their customers with a full merchandising system or even just a modular part of the system that fitted in a customer’s existing retail spaces. At the same time delivering brand awareness and authenticity of the product but in a way that fitted with their customers footprint.

This unit has been successful for Derwent across different touch-points and was commended by their partners for its adaptable components and has delivered against all their key objectives and targets for supporting the retail bricks and mortar, supplying a system that consumers can shop and communicates with through the lens of the brand. This has been rolling out for the past two years and will continue to be delivered into all of Derwent’s global markets. It was designed to be a modular system made up of generic parts that can be scaled up to make various different sizes of units to merchandise every range of Derwent product.