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47 Brand Visual Merchandising Leicester City

AA Creative has been providing Retail Design Solutions to global clients for over 12 years. We have extensive experience and knowledge when creating immersive and engaging commercial spaces.

We pride ourselves on being a retail design agency that is not only creative but can also transform existing ideas into real-world solutions no matter where they are, from brand stores to shop-in-shop.

We can provide a full turnkey solution from creation to delivery into a store and then help the full lifecycle of your merchandising through our aftercare support…


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POS Display

AA Creative know that POS Displays or Point Of Purchase Displays are located in premium advertising spaces in retail environments. With years of experience and an eye that captures the attention of target audiences, we can help your brand convert potential customers when in store.

While Point of Sale Displays can take many different including FSDU’s (free standing displays) , we always make sure that key benefits, product ranges and vital information are displayed in the best possible way and most eye catching way. We can offer a range of different materials and finishes to best suit both budgets, and design briefs. We also champion the use of sustainable materials to reduce environmental impact and are always happy to discuss and explore these opportunities with new and existing clients.

While there are many generic POS Display options available, AA Creative specialise is bespoke and custom Point Of Sale displays that can be modular in design or specifically designed custom spaces. By utilising bespoke design and manufacturing sales promotions can often become more cost effective as POS is often more visible and engaging with potential customers.

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Counter Display Units

CDU’s (countertop display units) are often used to capture impulse buys and are located on or near to shop counters. These types of Point Of Sale Displays can be created out of multiple materials, often cardboard are used for short term and seasonal displays. Whilst longer term countertop display units are formed from metals, woods and plastics.

Each type of material will have elicited a different response from a consumer with cardboard often found in high turnover and fast moving retailer. More substantial materials that suit long term positions will be more matched to a brands image such as wood for natural and more tactile brands, metal can create a luxurious but also robust install.

AA Creative can help from initial concepts to design and manufacturing of Countertop display units. Our designers have a huge amount of experience and can make sure that not only does you POS look great, but it is increases conversions and remains cost effective.

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Retail Furniture & Fixtures

Retail furniture and retail fixtures are the foundation of in store experiences. They provide the platform to display stock and can be accompanied by other bespoke and high attract Point of Sale displays.  It’s vital that the retail furniture is dependable and robust, and at AA creative we believe making these retail foundations right for your target audience, not merely off the shelf generic displays. We also make sure the final designs and physical units are as practical as possible to make sure they can be merchandised without any problems.

We are able to custom build Retail Furniture to your specific needs, and we take into account through our consultations the requirements, attributes and budgets before supplying detailed CAD drawings that bring to live your visions.

Through our trusted partners and in house we can manufacture assemble and deliver your Retail Fixtures in store. We also provide first class after sales support so that your merchandising is always optimised for engagement and conversion.